Introduction to Shamanic Journey

Nov 5, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

$100 - PRIORITY REGISTRATION to first 5 people, 10% discount on price

To register:  Contact Carl Golden at (206) 778-4465 or email OR register on MeetUp by Clicking Here.  Space is limited.

Introduction to Shamanic Journey is a one-day workshop designed to introduce students to the ancient art of trance journey, which should not be confused with astral projection.  Students will be instructed in the three-world Shamanic worldview, and what to generally expect in each world.  There will be extensive practice in journey work, as well.  Each workshop participant is expected to openly share the contents of his or her respective journeys because the learning of all workshop participants is greatly enriched by the sharing of individual experiences, especially challenging experiences.  Remember that the shaman is the wounded healer whose heart is broken open so that the world may pour in and the love and healing may pour out.

Carl Golden has a B.A. in religion and philosophy with a concentration in mystical studies from Virginia Tech, a M.S. in environmental studies with concentrations in environmental philosophy and ecology from Antioch New England Graduate School, and a M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Argosy University, Seattle.  He is a psychotherapist in private practice.  He has extensive experience in meditation and Shamanism.  Also, he is an ecologist, activist, writer, teacher, and spiritual mentor.


Here is an interview with Carl Golden

When were you introduced to Shamanic practice?  How?  I was introduced to shamanic journeying by a fellow spiritual explorer when I was 26 years old.  He had studied with Michael Harner, and suggested that I pick up a copy of Michael’s book, The Way of the Shaman, which I did.  My friend and I practiced often together, drumming for each other, and sharing the results of the journeys.  Eventually, I participated in several Harner workshops that focused on basic shamanic principles and practices, healing, power, soul retrieval, death and dying, and communication with the spirits of Nature.


What attracts you to it?  I find shamanic journeying to be a powerful discipline for engaging one’s soul and the souls of others (human, animal, plant and other) in a way that yields insight, power, transformation, humor, compassion and wisdom.  Also, the shamanic realms are full of surprises that open the doors of perception in ways that are completely unpredictable.


What makes you a good teacher of this?  Years of practice, appreciation and passion for the way.


What have you learned from it over the years?  I have learned about my own limiting beliefs that were demonstrated for what they are: false beliefs arising from fear.  So, I have learned about courage and personal empowerment.  I have learned self-acceptance through my relations with my spirit teachers and power animals with whom I work and play in the shamanic realms.  I have learned how to heal myself and others through shamanic sight.  I have discovered that communication with Nature is clearly possible through the shamanic journeying and other shamanic disciplines.


Why do you want to teach this?  To foster healing for others, the culture and the biosphere.  More and more people need to open to deeper, more creative ways of understanding themselves, others and the vast community of life and consciousness so we are motivated to do our part to redirect our cultural story from one of use to one of blessing.


What can a person count on walking away with if they come to your class?  That really depends upon where the person is in his or her life walk, and what he or she brings to the class.  There certainly will be experiences of active and passive rest, communion with others, and learning about other ways of seeing.  Each person can expect to walk away with a better understanding of this deeply connective process and how to use it to evolve one's own practice.


How does this practice/education translate into real, everyday life?  Insight into oneself and others; humility and forgiveness; courage and personal empowerment; personal growth; a more creative sense of adventure; greater communion with Nature and the natural intelligences of the natural world; and much more.

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