Singing Bowl/Vibrational Therapy

"Everything in life is vibration." - Albert Einstein

What is Vibrational Therapy and Why is it so Important?


Welcome to the exploration of vibration as a healing modality.  The use of vibration for healing and relaxation is not a new concept and has been used for millenia by healers and shamans as a way to connect a person with their highest potential.  Based on the premise that all things in nature are vibrating at some level, our 'optimal' vibration is effected and can come out of alignment due to a myriad of reason.  Those include things in our environment like electronics, machines, people, even our own thoughts effect our vibration.  Sound therapy is one very natural, safe and effective way to bring yourself into balance, at least for a time.   

Imagine being in a group, and you've been chosen to take everyone's name down.  Now imagine these two scenarios for receiving those names.   In the first scenario, everyone just yells their name to you at once.  In the second scenario, people line up to give you their names.  Vibration in life is like the first scenario.  There is so much vibrational information coming in at us from all sides at once and it is stressful for the body, mind and spirit to capture, evaluate and integrate that information.  It is often impossible to do so.  The second scenario is like the sound therapy session, where the environment is set to minimize external vibrations, except for the healing ones that allow your body, mind and spirit to relax, feel safe, replenish the reserves.  

Singing bowls are just one of the many forms of vibrational healing.  If you choose vibrational therapy as a modality for healing, you will likely experience an increase in energy, as well as a sense of renewed balance and equilibrium. Singing bowl vibrations also often help to relieve pain, headaches and insomnia, assist in reducing stress and accessing inner peace, the easement of anxiety and/or depression, and can expand awareness and clarity.  They certainly encourage healing and well-being.

Treat yourself to some time and space where it’s all about you, where you can fully relax into yourself.


“This is a great venue to come to for those who want to treat themselves to an evening of healing sound that allows for relaxation and some deeper internal work as well. Jennifer did a wonderful job of creating the variety of sounds and leading the attendees in some meditation and energy exercises to make the most of the experience.”  - Georgia C.

“ The 8 week Singing bowl chakra series was so good! Jenny radiates peace, love and healing even before she gets on the bowls, and then the bowls were just wow! So much love & light! ”

Michelle M.


Crystal Singing Bowl SoundBaths

The Singing bowl sound baths are amazing and healing experiences designed to deliver each person to their own blissful experience.  A combination of Crystal Singing Bowls, Gong, chimes, drums and more provide an environment designed to encourage your physical and subtle bodies to release any negative vibrations that have been stored up during the day, week, month or even year.  Feel yourself letting go of blockages.  Experience the blissful, calm, peaceful serenity of the post-sound healing as we share with one another while having tea. Come to envelope yourself in a nuturing, safe environment and allow yourself to relax and soak up the vibrational healing.  These drop-in session are $20.  Check the Schedule to see when we are offering these restorative Sound Baths. 

The evening was an amazing healing experience. Thank you Jennifer! – Tom L.

Private Healing Sessions

Private sessions can be one-on-one or in a group.  Sessions are designed to maximize your healing and rejuvenation.

 - Individual Crystal Bowl/Gong Sound Therapy and Hypnotherapy - $90 for 90 minutes 

Experience a deep healing when two powerful modalities are combined.  A focused Sound Healing tailored to your needs.  Session starts with us getting to know each other and engaging in a talk to discover your needs, challenges, and desires for our session.  I will facilitate the sound healing and afterward we will reconnect to discover what has arisen during the sound bath.  We will then spend some time working on those issues to provide guidance for dealing with, integrating or releasing them.  

- Group Crystal Bowl/Gong Sound Therapy - $150 for 90 minutes

Get a group* together that would like to do a private sound bath and schedule it when it is convenient for you.  We can talk beforehand if there are specific needs for your group.  If you would like the soundbath at a different location, additional costs apply.  We will provide tea and snacks after the soundbath.

* If held at our location,  a maximum of 17 people is allowed.


Contact me to schedule a private session.

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