Hi, We are Chris and Jen.

This is what we're about.  This is why we're here.

Jen and Chris (the stewards of this land) are first and foremost spiritual people who believe that all of us in our earth community are changing, evolving, and growing. Our lives have gone through immense change over the past couple of years and those changes have transformed us both from the inside out and from the outside in. We have relied on the support and wisdom of so many of our community to navigate the shifting terrain, and in that we have discovered that giving in service to the higher good of others is incredibly satisfying. We are dedicated to the personal growth and enrichment of our community through education, holistic healing arts, workshops, and gatherings.   Our commitment is to provide a space for events such as workshops on anything from Shamanic Journeying to Public Speaking, sweat lodge ceremonies, enlightenment training, sound/vibrational healing, men’s groups, women’s groups, family gatherings, meditation, yoga, picnics, etc all in an effort to create for others what we have found ourselves...a community of like minded people.  It is through community that we will thrive as a people and effect the change we want to see in this world.  

Ultimately my goal is to live in a world where everyone is interacting from a heart space.

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